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    There is a place in the heart of the Peruvian Andes where water, earth and sky magically meet. Puno, “The Folkloric Capital of Peru”, is a pleasant blend of charming people and ancient culture, protected by gods who take the form of mountains. This is a destination where Peruvians still live on floating islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Where the lake’s blue carpet once produced warriors and priests of the ancient Tiahuanaco culture. Today it is on display to the world, ready to show off its charisma, its history and its mysticism.

    Upon arrival, you will find Hacienda Puno, just minutes from the shore of the world’s highest navigable lake. The hotel is located in the heart of Puno’s historical district, and is proof of such syncretism. Within its walls, you will not only find a comfortable refuge adhering to the highest standards of service, but also an environment of elegance where the appeal of the traditional meets the technology of the modern world.

    We pride ourselves on personal attention and the best infrastructure of any hotel in the area. Everything is designed to meet the standards of the most demanding guest. Hacienda Puno will assist you in all your adventures in this land steep in profound faith and thousands of years of history. Located one block from the Plaza de Armas, the Hotel has been designed to ensure complete comfort, and to make you feel at home here; where the Virgin of the Candelaria is fervently prayed to, and where the folk dancers, dressed like angels, spin tirelessly.

    Hotel personnel are highly trained, and thus attention and service is of the utmost quality. In a high altitude destination such as Puno, guests deserve a special place where they can rest and relax, and still stay in touch with the feeling of distilled mystery.

    Discover our services, and open yourself to the magic of this city where earth, sky and water blend into a single element.