Hoteles Hacienda del Perú


We are a family hotel chain with operations in 2 of the most important tourism destinies of Peru. One of our locations is Puno where it is Titicaca Lake (the highest navigable lake in the world) and the other one is in the Sacred Valley in Cuzco.
In Puno we have two hotels:
Hacienda Plaza de Armas Hotel which is the unique located in the main square of Puno. It is a boutique colonial style hotel with 28 confortable rooms and balconies with unobstructed views of the city.
Hacienda Puno Hotel it is bigger with 58 rooms and It is one block to the main square. This hotel is the only one with a sky room with a spectacular view to the lake and the mystic mountains.
In the morning you can see the sunrise born from the lake enjoying an early coffee with a delicious typical breakfast.
Our hotel in Cuzco it’s located in Yanahuara between Urubamba and Ollantaytambo city.
The first one is the main city of the sacred valley and in the other one is located the biggest train station to go to Machu Picchu´s ruins.


Hotel Hacienda Puno.jpeg

Hotel Hacienda Puno

There is a place in the heart of the Peruvian Andes where water, earth and sky magically meet. Puno, “The Folkloric Capital of Peru”, is a pleasant blend of charming people and ancient culture, protected by gods who take the form of mountains.

Hacienda plaza de armas.jpeg

Hotel Hacienda Plaza de Armas de Puno

Puno, the capital of Peruvian folklore of America where every year the festival takes place religious and cultural center of Peru, receives thousands of tourists who come to live their colorful costumes and party carnival experience unique in the world. Hacienda Plaza de Armas have balconies with unobstructed views of the city and during the festival makes the stands with the best view of Puno making guests more upscale viewers across the city. These reasons make us the flagship hotel of the city with immediate access to all the shops in the city, including the best restaurant located within their facilities.

Hotel Hacienda del Valle, Cusco

Yanahura, magical place of the Sacred Valley is found in the heart of the valley of the Incas, most known for its cloudless skies and captivating environment, it has maintained intact the mysteries of the former priests of ancient Peru. The peace that encircles Yanahura is still felt today even in the wake of modern civilization. It is in this place, just 10 minutes from the Ollantaytambo Train Station, you will find Hacienda del Valle. Located at the stop of Yanahuara, the hotel is proof of the mixing of cultures that can be found in the Andes.